These days we are lucky enough to have so much choice when it comes to high-quality TV shows that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Sky’s new original production Tin Star however, which premiered earlier this month exclusively on Sky Atlantic, has the potential to be one of the shows of the year. Even better, all ten episodes are available now to view straight away.

A gripping revenge thriller, Tin Star is set in the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies in a small town called Little Big Bear which finds itself becoming the new home of oil company, North Stream Oil. British police officer Jim Worth and his family move there to escape from the madness of their former lives but are soon hit with a tragedy that sparks a revenge-fueled drama unleashing the inner demons of former alcoholic Jim, in what could be a career-defining role for Tim Roth.

It's a show that will sink its teeth into you in the opening minutes, and we really don't want to give too much away, so we're going to give you an overview of Tin Star's main characters.

Jim Worth – aka Jack Devlin
Chief of Police, Little Big Bear PD
Played by Tim Roth

More often than not, English actor Tim Roth can be found hanging around in Quentin Tarantino's universe and has been a Hollywood staple for many a year. He made a move to television back in 2009 in Fox's Lie to Me but his turn as Jim Worth may just be the juicy leading role he has been waiting for. Initially, Jim seems like a simple enough character - Chief of Police in a small Canadian town - sure, he moved from London with his family and there's a question mark over their departure, but initially, it seems reasonable enough that they just wanted to raise their family in a quieter idyllic setting. We do however know early on that he has demons to battle as he attends a local AA meeting, but it's only after their family tragedy that we see a much darker side of Jim Worth.


Angela Worth
Wife of Jim Worth
Played by Genevieve O’Reilly

We have an Irish representative on the show in the form of Star Wars actress Genevieve O’Reilly, who plays Jim's wife Angela. You will like Angela straight away and there's clearly a strong love between her and husband Jim, and she has obviously supported him through a lot given that Jim has only been sober for two years. She wants to fully embrace the fresh start in Little Big Bear, and while at first, it seems she's just rocking it as a good wife and mother, tragedy will also show us more of the hidden, darker depths of this character.


Elizabeth Bradshaw
Vice President of Stakeholder Relations, North Stream Oil
Played by Christina Hendricks

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks also takes centre stage in Tin Star as Vice President of Stakeholder Relations of North Stream Oil. Elizabeth is smart, charismatic and perfect as the trustworthy face for the corporation but as with all the characters on this show, she is not to be underestimated. Perhaps one of the best things about this series is really not knowing who we should trust or not, and Elizabeth is the perfect example of that.


Anna Worth
Daughter of Jim and Angela
Played Abigail Lawrie

Anna is your typical teenage daughter at first, moody and cheeky and doesn't hold back on how unhappy she is with the move to Canada. The arrival of the oil company however soon gives her something to do as she becomes focused on proving how much damage it is doing to the surrounding environment. Tragedy also sends Anna into despair and into the arms of a boy called Whitey (who we'll get to below), although all is not what it seems with him either. Anna is also one to watch and develops her ostensibly weak position into one of alarming and unpredictable strength.


Unknown background
Played by Oliver Coopersmith

Whitey is described as a monster with an angel’s face and a character we don't actually meet straight off. His target is Jim Worth or Jack Devlin as he was previously known and sets his sights on what he believes is Jack’s Achilles heel, his family, only to uncover his own weakness when he develops a fierce emotional bond with Anna.



Louis Gagnon
Head of Security, North Stream Oil
Played by Christopher Heyerdahl

This Bond villain lookalike is known to many as simply "The Quebecois" and is Head of Security for North Stream Oil. An ex–Special Forces operative, we know from the get go that this guy means business and isn't afraid to be ruthless about it. He is also one of the few people who knows of Jim’s past and is proactive to halt his progress when he starts sniffing around the oil company’s activities. At the same time, he finds Mrs Bradshaw’s presence deeply uncomfortable and is loath to lose control over Little Big Bear to her.

All episodes of revenge-thriller Tin Star are now available, exclusively on Sky Atlantic. For more information, click here.