There's a point in this clip that just tells you what kind of a life that Tom Jones has lived in his eight decades on the face of this earth.

As he explains his first time being in the US and meeting someone for the first time, he makes an offhand remark that he was on his way to Paramount Studios to record a song "for something", which he can't remember. Well, we can.

We looked it up and it turns out the song he was talking about was none other than 'Thunderball', the title song for the James Bond movie of the same name. Imagine telling a story and you forgetting that, oh yeah, you also sang a title song for a Bond movie. That's, like, a detail you've forgotten because it's not that important.

Anyway, Tom Jones was on 'Graham Norton' last night and told the story of his first time meeting none other than Elvis Presley - which, as mentioned - featured that casual aside we mentioned earlier. Good to know Tom Jones is still not only singing his lungs out and telling great stories, he's also peppering them with little gems like that.

Take a look.