"In America, we get to pick who's going to ruin our country."

Conan O'Brien, avid historian and late night host, decided to open his show last night and address the election not by decrying Trump or the fact that he won, but by reminding his audience that having tough elections and a nation divided is nothing new, and that it's a gift to be able to have free and open elections.

"... the optimist in me chooses, today, to be happy that we have fair and free elections at all. It’s an amazing thing, I really do," he told his audience. "In the last few years I’ve travelled to a bunch of countries – Cuba, Armenia, the Middle East - where the people would give anything — anything — to have our system."

He wrapped up by saying "Americans have the right to feel happy, angry, pessimistic, optimistic, but everybody should feel grateful that we get to vote, and if we don’t get our way, we have the chance to try again. It is a beautiful thing."

He then rolled out the 'Really Tall Dachshund' to cheer him and everyone else up. Somehow, we don't think it will be enough.