Woody Allen's been a name that's synonymous with films for over forty years, so the idea of him moving to television - much less on-demand television - is really something.

However, Crisis In Six Scenes does look like vintage Allen - even down to his favourite kind of font. Set during the turbulent '60s in America, a middle-class couple and their houseguests have their lives up-ended by a radical hippie, played by Miley Cyrus. Woody Allen and Elaine May play the couple, whilst The Big Short's John Magaro and House of Cards' Rachel Brosnahan play the houseguests.

As mentioned, it all looks like it has the makings of Allen's work and the idea of a neurotic couple in New York during a specific time period is right in his ballpark. Whether it translates into a working television narrative remains to be seen, but it looks like he's got a decent handle on the story if this trailer is anything to go by.

Crisis In Six Scenes is available on Amazon TV from September 30th.