Heisenburg is back! Well, sort of.

It feels like forever since Bryan Cranston was on our TV screens but if you're an Amazon subscriber you're in for a treat this week as his new show premieres, and boy does it look good.

Starring Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland and Margo Martindale with guest appearances from Cranston, 'Sneaky Pete' revolves around Ribisi's con-man character who, after being released from prison, assumes the identity of his former cellmate Pete and moves in with his family. Unfortunately for 'Pete', the family business is bail bonds which means he ends up having to go toe-to-toe with criminals a lot meaner than he is in order to keep up the charade, in the mean time 'discovering a family life he’s never had'.

Obviously it's all going to go to hell eventually but hopefully with the creative forces of Cranston and co. involved there'll be something to this than what's immediately obvious.

'Sneaky Pete' debuts on Amazon this Friday August 7th.