You've really got to hand it to X-Factor and its producers - nobody gives a f**k about what little remained of the show's credibility any more.

For this week's not-at-planned-and-totally-random selected theme, the inverted commas singers close inverted commas of X-Factor had to take on a song from Motown - because that's not at all unoriginal or been done before.

So, while everyone else played it safe and did the usual barrage of obvious choices, Honey G stepped in and shouted her way through Diana Ross' I'm Coming Up, which was sampled by Notorious BIG for Mo Money, Mo Problems.

Gouge your eyes out now if you don't want to see it.

So, the question remains as to why X-Factor is continuously allowing Honey G to continue and why, despite the fact that the audience appears to be widely against her, she continues on?

Ratings, most likely.

Honey G makes for great hate-watching and then outlets like us get to write pieces expounding on how much we hate Honey G and X-Factor in general. Moreover, when you have people like Robbie Williams give her the thumbs up via Twitter and Snoop Dogg says he'll do a song with her if she makes it to the final, you just know that X-Factor is clearly working.

We get the world we deserve, folks. This is all your doing and our doing. We live in a world where Donald Trump is a stone's throw from the most powerful political position in the world and you think Honey G was an accident?

It was no accident. We let this happen. We allow this to happen. God help us all.