Last night saw Michael Fassbender explain to the world why horses get aroused around him and Kate Winslet and Julie Walters explaining why they get drunk at Hollywood award shows.

Fassbender and Winslet were on to talk Steve Jobs, the upcoming biopic drama on the life of the Apple founder whilst Walters was in chatting about Brooklyn, the new period drama with Saoirse Ronan set in Enniscorthy and New York.

As always, there was the unusual stories - including one of Michael Fassbender's horse during the filming of another period drama, Jane Eyre. Take a look.

Meanwhile, Julie Walters explains how she got super-drunk at a BAFTA ceremony one year and ended up under a table with a very famous actor, which Graham was only too kind enough to provide photographic evidence of. Kate Winslet, on the other hand, explained why she keeps her Oscar in the bathroom.

Hope she disinfects it every few weeks, in fairness.


Via YouTube