Spotify may have had a new challenger to its streaming crown with the launch of Apple Music last year, but the service is far from lying down and rolling over.

Instead, it is diversifying into video by producing twelve original 15-minute-long music-based series. It added video to its service last year, with clips from Comedy Central and BBC.

One of their forthcoming original series is called 'Landmark', and will tell the stories of bands like The Beach Boys, Metallica and more.

Another will feature actor and sometime musician Tim Robbins presenting a mockumentary-style show, while Russell Simmons - CEO of Def Jam - will produce a reality-style hip-hop series called 'Rush Hour'.

All of the series will be available to both paid subscribers and free users - but only in the UK, US, Germany and Sweden, at least initially.

Tom Calderone of Spotify said: "Music will always be most important, but our audience likes us and wants more from us. We have to figure out a second act, and I think it will come out of video. The idea is to make sure users know they can come here for something other than playlists.”

Via NME/Bloomberg