Well, Bono & The Edge can count Pharrell Williams as a fan, anyway.

The 'Happy' singer presented the U2 pair with an 'Innovator' award at the iHeart Radio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

He said by way of introduction: "These guys have literally, literally, literally changed the world, and they speak up for the voiceless and they tell the truth, no matter the cost" before saying that they "reinvented" music as the likes of Hozier and Justin Bieber looked on.

Calm yourself, Pharrell.

Bono, meanwhile, returned the compliment by calling Williams a "risk taker", a "miracle man" and "the essence of rock 'n' roll". True, that Spongebob song he did last year was 100% rock 'n' roll. Cough.

The Edge, meanwhile, accepted the award by saying "I think the thing that might be the most innovative of all things about our band is that we are a real band. We are still in our high school band."

You mean secondary school, Edge. 

Watch the backslapping cringefest below: 

Via RollingStone.com